Stream at Hembury Mill
Hembury Slide

Hembury Mill Garden


Our communal outside area is large and spacious and is perfect for children to explore.
With a pond, stream and play area the children can really enjoy themselves getting ‘at one’ with nature.
The stream that runs along the edge of the garden is a section of the River Asker which is wonderfully
shallow with overhanging trees making it the perfect place for children to improvise, explore and enjoy.


The pond on the other side of the garden is teeming with wildlife such as ducklings, toads, frogs, newts, slow worms and even otters. Canadian geese have also been known to land in the spring-time. The pond is very shallow at one end and extends to up to 5 feet in depth at the other, so caution must be taken, when the children are playing and we certainly recommend supervision whilst around the pond area. As well as aquatic life, the garden is frequently visited by swallows, swifts and house martins and, in the dusk, bats swoop into the batboxes dotted around the garden.


Between the stream and the pond is an extensive orchard area with a large grass area suitable for croquet, badminton, tennis, football and any other ball games or activities. Please note you will need to bring your own bats, balls and nets etc.  If that isn’t enough to entertain the children, we also have a very popular zip wire (a disclaimer is required before use) as well as two swings and a slide.


Our chickens can often be seen wandering around Hembury Mill and help us to provide you with the free-range eggs that are in your welcome basket. We can provide more eggs if you need them – just depends on how the chickens are feeling!
As well as chickens, we have 5 pet sheep and every spring, we have lambs.

We’re always happy for our guests get involved if they want to help with feeding so just let us know. Also in the vacinity of the cottages are hand-reared pigs which are an absolute delight to watch!



At a Glance


Large Orchard Area

Large Grass Area Suitable for Ball Games

Shallow Stream Teeming with Wildlife

Pond Teeming with Wildlife

2 Swings

A Slide

Zip Wire

Plenty of Birdlife

Hembury Mill Garden

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